October 24, 2013

tbt - claire loves blanet

claire loves blanet

of all the photos, in all the land, this may be one of my favorites. there's so much to take away from a quick glace - the rat's nest i have burrowed in my hair (that no one could tame until it burned off one birthday), the white bra my momma wore, the sun, and the obvious ... the unquenchable obsession i have with my blanket. that blanket and i were inseparable. it started as one piece and, after countless times it would hid under the couch and my folks would be late to this or that event while they scoured the house looking for it, it went to two pieces. i always had my favorite corner ... and after the blanket was sliced in two, the un-cornerable piece just never did. that was the piece that was cut first ... when my mom said i couldn't leave the house dragging that giant thing around, she compromised and we cut a wee piece out of the un-cornerable piece that i could take with me. it worked ... until i dropped it in the muddy driveway of aunt jennie and uncle mike's place. but the two halves lived on. i don't know when i stopped needing the blanket every night. but as with all childhood toys, they fade to the background. the blanket now lives on the dresser in the bedroom, right next to croakie ... lou's childhood "blanket". fitting, i guess. 


  1. i had a doll named michael (yeah, a doll dude) that i took *everywhere* -- my mom wasn't as nice though, and one day it just ended up at the church rummage sale. can you imagine how sad i was? my mom just said i was too old. maybe she spared me embarrassment? it's not like i could just take a finger and carry it around the way you did with your corner...

    1. Ha! Maybe your Ma was onto something ... a wee girl carrying around a finger might not have gone over so well with the general public ... ;0)