about this

A blog?! Yup, I’m thinking it’s time I jumped on that bandwagon…

First – My mother says I’m witty. And yes, I realize it’s a mother’s duty to tell her daughter she can do anything … like eat the moon for breakfast or write a funny story … so we’ll just see how right she really is.

Second – I honestly would like to write better and what better way than to practice? Maybe I’ll stop using ‘And’ to start every sentence … and stop using ellipsis … and exclamation points … and those dang smiley faces!!!!  ;-P

Third – I have the worst memory on the plant. It’s horrid. The amount of events and activities and basic life functions that people tell me I was a part of … and I don’t remember … frightens me. Seriously, it’s the worst. My thinking is, if I commit to this blog business I might actually be able to remember what I was doing and when!

Fourth – I do some cool stuff. I mean, it’s nothing to go all crazy over but every once in a while something comes up that *might* be worth sharing.

Fifth – There is some actual cool stuff out there on them internets. I occasional stumble on a tidbit or fact that’s probably worth sharing or at least remembering …


Sooooo, bear with me. This is most definitely a work in progress. I’ll try not to rant too much. I’ll try to be entertaining. I’ll try to be productive. I’ll try to be helpful!


  1. your blog is getting famous! i just nominated you for the liebster award on my blog :)

    1. Why thank you friend! I'll start working on your questions now :D