January 24, 2014

29 in 29 - visit a cidery

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i've said it before and i'll say it again. i love cider. just crisp enough in the summer for a refreshing drink. just sweet enough in the winter for a comforting taste. it was after a trip to new zealand with the fam back in 2009 that we all first discovered cider ... scrumpy ... delicious. enough so that we brought 7 bottles back in a special, separate suitcase. we're classy like that.

so, imagine my joy when i found out a cidery was opening up in the cities! about time ... we've had breweries popping up left and right. (see this article from mpr on the SIXTY breweries in minnesota ...) it's about time we jazz it up a bit. me thinks distilleries are just around the corner ...

while i love cider, i don't claim to be an expert or even really know anything cidery-related ... but, i know what tastes good sociable's featured ciders are pretty darn tasty.

freewheeler - the sociable folks call this their "mainstay" and that about sums it up. it's what you think of when you say you want a cider. and it's pretty darn good. we were sipping on a chilly december, i can only imagine how delicious it would be on a balmy july night!

broken spoke - if you can get over the fact your drinking a black cider, you'll enjoy the broken spoke. a little bit stout, a little bit cider, it's just unusual enough to keep you sipping.

so, who's up for a trip to the cidery ... i'd offer to drive ... butttttttttttttt ;0)

stout cider and cranberry ale from socialable cider werks
(yes, yes ... taking flashless photos in a dark cidery while consuming a wee bit of
alcohol doesn't turn out the best results ... sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy ... )