1. eat all the goldfish in the land
  2. sit in the deer stand and attempt to hunt
  3. push the artful nook towards non-profit status
  4. keep a gratitude journal
  5. open the whimsy pea
  6. get the mobile nook rolling
  7. hike up cloud peak
  8. eat summer veggies with a csa
  9. finish up the ot notebook
  10. finalllllly finish the bbc's top 100 book list
  11. make my manestefo
  12. hide a geocache in minnesota
  13. walk around devil's tower with lou
  14. run away with molly on a creative weekend
  15. spent clay project
  16. beat lou in trap
  17. ice block down a hill
  18. have a cross-country skiing adventure
  19. blow-dry bar
  20. spent some time with doris day and the tv
  21. run a 10k
  22. smutty book coffee table number two
  23. back that ass up with a trailer
  24. renew my carry permit (January 2014)
  25. visit a cidery (December 2013)
  26. pay off dan to keep quiet (January 2014)
  27. visit hershey, pennsylvania
  28. hang that dang ikea light
  29. purchase a real piece of art
and just 'cause:
  • go on an alaskan cruise
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • visit all 50 states
  • travel with laura ingalls wilder

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