October 28, 2013

a frosted pomegranate

today, i spent the afternoon at menards looking at paint samples. not for the color but for the names. i wonder how often someone ends up with a color on their walls based on the name and not the actual color. frosted pomegranate may be, possibly, the best name i have stumbled on. but do i want a crazy, vivid red room? not particularly.

molly and i are on a quest to update crosstown creativity. our first step - new name. but, deciding on the.perfect.name is turning out to be a wee bit harder than we thought. there's so much riding on a name. it has to encompass everything but limit just enough. it has to be welcoming. but distinct. emotional but solid. 

so while we ponder over names and clumps of names and combinations of names ... here's some of the more interesting paint samples i picked up today. you'll have to use your imagination on deciding what each color is ...

pile of paint samples

purple pencil skirt
brownberry path
scribble pad
little leaf
lined with silver
honey toast
golden cricket
sonic boom
artful orange
frosted pomegranate


  1. i like doing this same experiment but with nail-polish colors - so fun to see the combinations that they come up with. are there any top contenders for the crosstown name change?

    1. So, we got a couple ideas floating around. I'm hoping in the next week or two we'll make the "big announcement" ... super excited to try something new and updated with the group!