October 22, 2013

an indulgence

an indulgence ... or perhaps a want ... or something way too expensive but way to cool not to own! so i might do, as in the fine words of donna and tom, a treat yo self day ... ... ...

and buy ....

in the world of ipads, nooks, kindles, and all sorts of other square-light-up-shiny-objects it is almost a novelty to think there's still a select number of us that rely on paper ... the thought of me without my notebook ... gasp! it's part journal, part day planner, part notebook, part list-keeper, part stress reliever, part brain. and the fine folks at rickshaw bags came up with a one of the snazzy notebook add-ons i've seen. an organizer for my organizer?! 

can't take the awesomeness.

which is why i'm going to have a treat yo self moment ... and spend a crazy amount of money on something that i could probably live without ... and, fair warning, with the b-day in t minus one month, there will be plenty of treat yo self moments in the coming weeks. birthdays.are.the.best.

1 comment:

  1. i've never seen this clip but it had me laughing out loud -- i love it, and definitely treat yo' self. maybe i should do it too?