October 29, 2013

i wish my life was like ...

on the way home from dinner the other night i had a thought. i know it's not the first time this wish has rumbled around in my mind ... i wish my life was like a musical from the 50s ... all doris day, guys and dolls, hills are alive kind of musical. there would be singing ... there would be dancing ... there would be awkward language from bygone days ... ohhhh, how i want it!

this is the probably why i spent my younger years making music videos. why i enjoy just dance on the wii a wee bit too much and find myself sing-speaking on an almost daily basis. my brother also happens to be an avid sing-speaker. it's not good when we spend long periods of time together. there's so much terrible singing ...

so ... since i can't go back to the 50s and i doubt i'll wake up with an amazing voice overnight, and friends would flock for the hills if i demanded they dance for their food ... i'm going to have to come up with a new plan for recreating musicals from the 50s into my daily life. for now, i'll settle for watching far too many of these delightful films

doris day pretty much set the stage for these romantic, goofy musicals. my personal favorite - the pajama game. you'd be slightly surprised (and worried) how often songs from this soundtrack apply to my daily life. and any movie with a song centered on "steam heat" is a win in my book. my original grand plan was to watch all the doris day movies. according to imdb, there's a lot. so then i said, just the musicals ... there's still a lot. so, i've settled on doris day musicals from the 50s. 


young man with a horn (1950)
tea for two (1950)
the west point story (1950)
lullaby of broadway (1951)
on moonlight bay (1951)
i'll see you in my dreams (1951)
starlift (1951)
april in paris (1952)
by the light of the silvery moon (1953)
calamity jane (1953)
lucky me (1954)
young at heart (1954)
love me or leave me (1955)
the pajama game (1957)

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