July 31, 2013

soundtrack: country roads (remix)

 Hermes House Band: Country Roads

yes, you may have graduated the year before but for some reason (boyfriend ... cough ... cough) you feel the need to keep returning to college life. hold on to that last little sliver for as long as you can, cause you know what? the real world is no fun. so when your bf has a work party that as the dutiful gf you attend ... you're back at college, if only for the weekend. you could stay in and watch a movie or you could visit the shady bars on main street and make terrible life decisions. like deciding you really need another cran-vodka (cause you're classy like that) or deciding you and the dj are now besties. but while you may have been a hot i've-already-graduated-but-i'm-back-again-mess, you did get something good from that weekend ... the greatest ending-a-dance-party song ever ... you are welcome.

classy claire

claire as darth vader fail

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