August 02, 2013

in which i do something ... a little bit campy

claire and lou at the minneopa state park waterfull during i can camp
waterfall shooting into my head? awesome. thanks random lady taking photo.

and ... it was ... kind of awesome ...

setting up tents during i can camp at minneopa state park

but really just exhausting ...

home sweet home in our tent at minneopa state park during i can camp

jason and chase our i can camp crew at minneopa state park

wetland walk naturalist program at minneopa state park

archery in the park at minneopa state park

campfire recipes - spider dogs

last weekend i was able to tag along during an i can camp! program put on by minnesota state parks and trails. the idea with these programs are to help newbies to camping feel comfortable to venture off on their own one day. now, yes ... i've camped before ... so i was there more as an observer to the program - what were participants saying, how'd the program outline go, anything people were asking that could be expanded (in person/online) ... 

so lou and i spent saturday learning how to set up a (6 person!) tent, pump up an air mattress, try some archery, hike around historic sites, make a "log cabin" fire and some really kick-ass spider dogs (yes, that's the creepy hot dog in the picture above). okay, to be fair to the i can camp! program, the spider dogs were all mine. i feel i have a calling in hot dog art ... ... ...

i'll save you the details of the program (you gotta try one out for yourself ... info here!). but gah, i forget how exhausting camping can be. you haul all this stuff for one night ... then haul it all back. the air mattress deflates, you happen to be camping on the coldest (*cough *cough) record breaking night of the summer, and the lady with the monster snores is in the tent next to you ... awesome. the i can camp! program itself was great! it was the nature part that was a bit shady ... guess i'll be camping in this beauty more often!!

hannah and claire camping in the van

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