July 30, 2013

28 in 28: a loan is a loan is a loan





it's happened.
we paid off lou's school loans.

i'll take a pause here for the enormity of that to sink in.

all student loans are now gone!
in fact ... 
we're loan free!
(yes, yes, minus the mortgage ... but i'll take that over a school loan any day) 

one of my 28 in 28 for this year was to put a sizable chunk of change towards the loans. little did i suspect that we'd rally and just pay the damn things off. props to lou for putting up with my "budgeting" ... hounding ... whatever you may call it. props to both of us for getting new positions with a wee bit more of income. and props to us for finally getting on the same page. they (those marriage folks) say that money troubles and money differences are the cause of more divorces than any other factor. i'd believe it. lou and i grew up with two very different mindsets of how we see and handle money. i'm the savers, obsessively so. lou's not really a spender, but tends to have more expensive hobbies (computers, cars, motorcycles ... ). and there's the difference. so we talked, i pushed, he pushed. i said save. he said why. about a year ago we finally came to a happy medium. i wasn't going to be 100% happy with it and he wasn't going to be 100% happy with it ... but as long as we were both over 50% happy with it, we called it good.

and now his school loans are gone and dare i say it, i think i may (slowly) make a saver outta him yet ;-P

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