July 29, 2013

summer 2013: see a drive-in movie

vali-hi drive in movie theater in lake elmo minnesota

$8.50 for THREE movies
you sit in YOUR OWN CAR
you can BBQ your OWN food
you can doze LAYING DOWN
you can DRINK booze ... BOOZE
you can bring your FRICKIN' DOG

what about this does not sound amazing?!

i grew up in a small town and the town nearby (33 miles nearby) with the only theater within 150 miles, even had a drive-in theater. my folks would pile us into the truck, drive over to sheridan and plop us down for a few shows. we always made it through 1.5 before someone, probably dad, would call it a night and home we'd go.

when i got older (ie - got my driver's license) i'd meet friends at the drive-in ... and these guys knew what they were doing. they'd all load up their trucks with couches, lazy-boys, and blankets and set up a staged living room in front of the drive-in screen. best.idea.ever.

so now it's been a while ... summer is whizzing by ... and while i'm having a blast-and-a-half ... it's time to get this all even more blast-worthy.

let's go to a drive-in movie!

* this goal was created as part of Go Mighty's #gosummer challenge ... and because it's a super cool goal ...

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