June 06, 2013

here's what you may have missed - in photos!

and photos!
and more photos!

the last few potsts have been courtesy of my cell phone and one can only type so much on a wee little keyboard. but, han and i are camped out at roy's old roommate's place in spokane (super random, i know) and watching hoarders on netflix ... so let's do some photos!

mt. hood peaking from behind the clouds in oregon
we played peek-a-boo with mt. hood all morning while driving from the dalles to along the barlow road. fyi - the barlow road was the option for folks who weren't up to floating/rafting down the columbia. they could wind around mt. hood and take the toll road (built by mr. barlow). after han and i took a look at the columbia ... we'd probably would have done the toll road too!
pioneer woman's grave
the unknown pioneer woman's grave is one of the more haunting sites along the trail. so close ... she was so close. uncovered in the 1930s when road crews were working on a road near mt. hood, people today keep adding roacks to the ever-growing pile. han and i took one of the rocks roy gathered from south pass to add to the collection.

laurel hill along the oregon trail in oregonlaurel hill ... and yes, it's just as terrifying in real life as it looks in this photo. when the settlers chose to take the route around mt. hood, climbing this hill (wagon and all) was part of the deal. usually, they would rig up ropes around tree tunks and pretty much pull the wagons up the hill. i was pretty good just standing at the bottom looking up ...

picnic near mt. hood in oregon
then we had a picnic and, per usual, it was delicious.

i tried to cross the barlow toll gate but hannah was a poopy-pants and wouldn't let me ...
and then ........
WE MADE IT !!!!!
end of the oregon trail
oh, you know ... just 2000-some miles along the trail.

claire at the end of the oregon trail
and all was well in the world ...

hannah at the end of the oregon trail
hannah was just as happy.

end of the oregon trail historic site
we pretty much took photos in front of everything we could get to ... everything ...

jumping for joy at the end of the oregon trail
i think this pretty much sums it up ...
and because it's super pretty ... here's some of the awesome-ness that was seattle ...
poppies at pikes place market
poppies from the market

seattle skyline
it's a mountain and a needle

all you can eat cheese buffet at the four seasons in seattle
and yes, we went to an all-you-can-eat fancy cheese buffet ... all.you.can.eat
whew! the days are counting down. we are heading to great falls tomorrow where i'll leave han on friday (nooooo!) ... then bismarck friday night ... and home ........... on saturday!

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