June 30, 2013

a collection of odds and ends, cont.

i'm writing to you on a lovely sunday afternoon ... in my pjs ... on the couch ... the boys still sleeping ... the house to myself ... the sun 'a shining ... the coffee warm. nice. i think it's high-time for a lazy weekend. the past six weekends i've been traveling ... living out of a large tupperware tub i pass for a suitcase. SIX weekends! yup, i belong on the couch right about now. but enough of my weekend ... how 'bout some linky-links?

  • my new kick is to get something like this art van up in the cities. each passing day my confidence in actually making this happens grows a wee bit. we may be back revisiting this topic soon ...

  • i love everything about these photos: at home with the huntress. subtle enough to be badass awesome.

  • anyone else think jupiter is super scary?

  • this article hit a bit too close to home this week ... why free isn't free ... "all nonprofit professionals and volunteers have at least one thing in common - making the resources they have on hand stretch to fill as many needs as possible."

  • well it's good to know i'm not the only one that pays special attention to which side of the dorito has the most seasoning ...

  • made buffalo chicken french breads last night ... mine turned out more like a buffalo chicken subway sandwich ... guess that's what you get for subbing the cheese, leaving out the onions and doubling the recipe ... mah, i tried.

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  1. clare! let's pick a weekend and gas up the art van. just drive around doing art projects with whomever we find? it could be a really fun day... :)