June 04, 2013

Go East! Go East!

alright, it's official ... we're heading home. last night we made our "first" eastward turn. we left portland yesterday morning (after voodoo donuts) and went further west to the coast. we followed the 101 north and took hwy. 12 east to tacoma.

after nine days of always heading west ... always watching the compass for the 'w' ... it was bittersweet to shift directions and finally realize our trip is winding down. granted, i still have five more days of travel ... but only three with hannah!

what i do know is we still have three days of ridiculous photos to take ... beer to drink ... food to inhale ... sites to see ... and boy band pandora stations to sing to!

how does one handle the tailend of a kickass vacation?! any ideas?!

ps - the other picture is the haystack rock along the northern oregon cost. i'm sure you've seen similar (but better) photos of the same thing!

now i must be off to enjoy this tacoma sun!

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