July 10, 2013

soundtrack: i believe

Blessid Union of Souls: I Believe

it's high school. you're angsty. or at least you think you're angsty 'cause that's what folks say a high schooler is supposed to be. you're trapped in your tiny hometown but comfortable ... it's the angst again. you hate your car, but it was a free car. angst. at least the tape player works and you don't mind all the cords winding to the plugged in portable cd player. in the words of your pa - you got tunes. so you and your girls cruise around town, pretending that by doing so you'll fall into the "cool" category ... but really you just end up using up gas. no matter. you got tunes. you got the windows rolled down. you got the volume pushed up. believe.

angsty and in high school - glasses

claires crooked smile with glasses

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