May 29, 2013

the key! we found the key!

and then we crossed south pass.
for all you folks not immersed in the oregon trail history land ... the discovery of south pass was key to "unlocking" a way west. it's a 20-mile wide stretch over the rocky mountains that allowed the "safe" (ie - a hair easier) passage for wagons heading out west. imagine miles and miles of wagons hauling it through this passage way. crazy to think about. we got lucky and just beat the rain!
roy exploring south pass along the oregon trail
roy exploring south pass
kayla took out hannah's thumb stitches
and this morning, kayla took out hannah's thumb stitches
you know you're on a road trip when your car pockets look like this -
notebook / maps / trail guides / chocolate-covered raisins / pepto / college degree

and then we went to utah ... and it was cold

and then we went to idaho ... and it was cold
ps - state number eight ..... eight!!!

don't forget about the national oregon/california trail center!

where's roy?!
ps - you all should google the soda springs in idaho. see that pool of water in the photo? we drank that. and it tasted like club soda. of course, we forgot the gin and lime. next time ... next time.
i had a delightful video to show you of roy chasing gophers ... but alas, them internets is being touchy ... so video will have to wait ... i will say, i am having a blast with roy and hannah. i get to road trip with my two favorite people in the whole wide world to road trip with. and it's awesome. there's always snacks. there's always good music. there's always a camera clickin' away. when you're in the car for 8+ hours a day, you gotta have folks you like with you!  just a little nugget for future planning ;0)
a recap for today:
3 states
12 historic sites
2 discs of the da vinci code
1 ice cream stop
2 pizzas
$3.55 gal/gas
12 bowls of ceral ..................
3/4 of the way to oregon!
oregon or bust!

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  1. thank you for all the pictures and the updates. I love to follow your progress on an Oregon trail map. keep going I know you can make it yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)