May 27, 2013

oregon trail - there's nothing in nebraska

a common sight along the trail - han navigating with map/pen/paper/guide book/map #2/guide book #2. props to her for carrying the wagon trail through the last seven states ... yes, seven states.
hannah navagating the oregon trail

sorry for the slow updates. lack of cell phone is throwing me for a loop. i'm all backwards on my time. i have no idea where we're at and no idea where we're going. west. go west. we're camped out in casper for the night ... mooching off some friends (thanks emily and mark) and will be westward bound in nine hours.

how about some photo updates!
in no particular order ...

crossing trail

wagon ruts!  so deep!

ayres natural bridge - not sure why we're so slanted ...

what's that?! a free pass into all national parks?!

and then we picked up a hitchhicker!!
okay, off to bed. i got a warm, cushiony bed 'a calling ...

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