May 31, 2013

and then we're back to two

greetings from boise! we're camped out at roy's temporary home, doing some laundry and watching community. the perfect mid-trip break ... more so for the laundry ... it was time. so, photos ... here's some proof how awesome our trip is:

pioneer costumes at massacre rocks state park
you gotta have at least one picture in old-timey clothes! i'm sure it'd look loads cooler in black and white ... 

we've come so far ... sooooooo far! as of boise, we're just over 3/4 of the way (or 1450 miles). does that sound crazy to anyone else?!?!

roy driving the wagon 

see, you see that over on yonder hill? those are legit oregon trail ruts swooping down to glenn's ferry and the three crossings.

oh, you know, just eating our weight in french fries ... with 10 different flavored salts and dipping sauces. and that's a beer float in the background! beer float!  

and now we leave one of our party behind. we're leaving roy in boise to tend to the farm (ie - start his new job). what a fun three days though! it was nice to have an extra driver and someone equally interested in nerdy history :D

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