May 01, 2013

soundtrack: if you got the feelin'

5ive - If You Got The Feelin'

because when it's the summer before your senior year of high school, you are the coolest person ever. your friends are the coolest people ever and you're only three months away from feeling like pretty hot shit for the year. so what do you do? you make a shit ton of really bad and super crappy music videos. why? because you can and because that weird, little red tutu you found in the basement makes your hips looks super small. and you gotta get that on tape as proof. so you and your girlfriends find some smelly fur coats in the basement (and don't ask why your mom owns three) and you listen to this song over and over and over and over. then you make your parents, they are such dear sports, sit outside with the video camera. hit record and keep quite but demand they tell you how wonderful you are/did afterwards. then you grab the camera and run inside (finding the yellow, white and red cables in the process) and listen to the song again and again and again while watching the tape. all the while thinking how fucking good your hips looked in that little red tutu.

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