May 08, 2013

soundtrack: suit and tie

Justin Timberlake - Suit and Tie

because every good road trip needs a song and as we all know, the song can not be decided in advance. one has to let a soundtrack song come naturally. so when the stars align and you realize suit and tie is your road trip song ... you embrace it ... you embrace justin ... and you learn to sing in a voice a couple octaves higher than you thought was possible for your scratchy little, off-tune throat. then you listen to it in texas. then oklahoma. then kansas. then missouri. then iowa and when you realize the stars truly do align and some things were truly meant to be ... you listen to is as you pull of the highway, drive the backroads and slide into the garage as the last strands of jt's voice hum outta the speakers.

and then you sing the shit outta that song until your husband forbids it from filling the walls of the house ever again.


sunny houston

all is well in an iowa rest stop

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