April 29, 2013

a collection of odds and ends, cont.

the van!!! it lives!!! and it has a canopy!!! everything about this weekend was wonderful ... but the icing on the cake was driving the van out of storage and into my driveway. oh, let the summer possibilities begin :D
  • wait ... make a bound book using key rings?! love this! possibly perfect for a crosstown project ...

  • this sounds ideal for our (now 2) canada cabins. nummy.

  • i went here ... sometimes it even amazes me that i was living here for four months. what a dream.

  • well, this sounds too easy not to try: Ultra Epsom Salts for our tomato and pepper plants!

  • when roy and i run away from "the daily" grind ... we'll take this.

  • yes, yes ... i looked into 'how to write a personal manifesto' ... and someday i'm gonna.  here's a couple pointers i found ... here and here and here.

  • and then i spent a million years looking up this. am i using a full choke? extra full? xx full? no. 6 or no. 5 shot? what do i want: 100 pellets in a 10-inch circle at 40 yards.  whew ... 

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