May 25, 2013

oregon trail - across the wide missouri

the story of the american west is not simply a tale of pioneer courage and vision - of prairie schooners swaying westward to the strains of heroic music. rather, it is a complex weave of plots and subplots, of romance and religion, of politics and money, and of personal and national tragedy. 
-- National Historic Trails Auto Tour Route Interpretive Guide

hannah and claire starting on the oregon trail
as hannah said, in may 1845 over 1,000 wagons left independence, missouri for oregon. In may 2013, two girls in a honda pilot attempt to do the same.

three states
1.5 tanks of gas
45 minutes on a kick-ass wagon ride
0 ticks (so far)
1 angry biker with a mean middle finger
12+ historic sites

we started our day here. in the sweetheart room at a b&b in liberty, mo. yup, sweetheart room.

how about a 45 minute wagon ride through independence, mo? why, yes ... yes, we'll do that.

only 1, 998 miles to go.

free beer at the boulevard brewery in kansas city ... done and done.
wait! are those matching oregon trail shirts we're wearing? let me repeat that - matching.oregon.trail.shirts.

just yonder over that there swell ...

me thinks we over packed ... 

wagon stop at dusk!

ps - han has some pretty awesome photos and updates on her blog too!

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