April 24, 2013

soundtrack: break down here

Julie Roberts - Break Down Here

so you're a sophomore in college and your pa loans you his super cool / super cute little toyota tacoma to have for fall semester. you don't need it. you have the greatest 1996 toyota camry in the world. but you take the tacoma because it's cute and it's a manual and it's a truck and why the hell not? then your dad calls and says he wants to go deer hunting and the little tacoma needs to go back home. you're in minnesota. home is in wyoming. so you hop in the truck with your best road tripper pal ever and meet your mom in exotic pierre, south dakota. and you're all prepared to hole-up for the weekend in some lame-o town but ... to your surprise ... the tacoma wins. it leads the way to one of the greatest weekend road trips ever. and you can't explain why. pierre was lame ... but still ... you had the best. time. ever. maybe it was the fact your road tripper pal was awesome. or the fact your ma brought little poopa along for a surprise. or that you took one million and seven photos. or that you listened to this song ... at mile marker 215.

mile marker 215

i love toyota tacoma

poopa comes to visit

who doesn't make silly poses on capital steps

auto time fail

lewis and clark ... or hannah and claire

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