April 26, 2013

artsy stuff and shizz

i have so many blogs floating around my life lately. i'm spending work wracking my brain for ideas for parks & trails ... what do outdoorsy people wanna read about?  then, i'm wracking my brain for ideas for crosstown creativity ... what do these creative-folk wanna read about? then ....... i get to this blog and i'm spent! but i am gonna give myself a pat on the back for my latest creation - take art quotes, find a "fun" photo, jazz it up on picmonkey and bam ... some artsy looking thing for crosstown! one may say this is the slacker way of creating new content ... or, one may say i'm cleverly using my resources.  either way, i wanna share the three i worked on tonight.


and yes, i totally took these photos myself ...

do whatever you do intensely - robert henri

the job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery - francis bacon

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