April 22, 2013

a collection of odds and ends, cont.

  • Oh man ... this video gives me such confused feelings. Am I supposed to be sad that he's not calling his girlfriend? But the dancing ... the dancing is oh-so-happy! But then there's anger ... the punching and rolling and spinning ... what the hell am I supposed to think?!

  • These are three wonderful things all baked together into one creamy mess. I'll take five of them.

  • Holy shizz balls ... looks at those eyelashes. Look ... at ... those ... eyelashes. I spent over five minutes looking at this photo last week.

  • Oh man ... you can go wild bison hunting. Wild Bison!!! I found stories here, here and here and it sounds like Wyoming has one of the best hunts out there. You know, it's only a 1 in 90 shot you'll actually get a license andddddddd it's only $2500.

  • I want this in Richfield ... Musical Swing Sets ... that only work through cooperation ... how fun!

  • I made this for dinner the other night. Won.Der.Ful. Granted, I added heaps more cheese than her recipe calls for ... and subbed in turkey sausage for the chicken (I just didn't feel like dealing with chicken ... ).  Either way, recommended! 

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