April 11, 2013

a conundrum

eyeless dog eats toy frogs eyes
a conundrum - you know, like an eyeless dog eating the eyes off a stuffed frog ... like that
I'm having a conundrum-filled sort of week ... and it all stems back to this good 'ole blog. My current job is having me look into the ever-witty land of "social media" ... My current project (this) is putting me right in the middle of the time-sucking pit that is the twitter-pinterest-blogger-facebook land. Now, I love it all. I love exploring the endless options that are out there when it comes to creating a social media / social business presence. It's a blast. Yes ... but ... it leaves the question - what am I doing on this thing?! It seems I'm still dancing around trying to get my footing all straightened out and next thing I know, it's mid-April and I'm still 'a dancing. I feel a bit of a cheat ... telling work we can get a blog up and going and that it's no sweat ... telling the CC folks I'd be happy to take over the "web duties" thing ... and all the while, lacking the cred to back it all up. This is supposed to be my practice pad, my blank slate to work out the kinks ... and I'm totally not taking advantage of it ... 

A conundrum.

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