April 14, 2013

52 things: an intro

Okay, so I'm going to give myself a pat on the back with this project. I'm a list-lover. I love making goal lists and checklist and to-do lists. What I'm not very good at ... crossing things off those lists BUT my 52 Things project has actually be working. It's mid-April and I have yet to miss a week.

Here's how it works - 

Back in December I wrote 52 things/projects/goals in little Post-it notes. Some projects were more time consuming than others (ie - get lights hung in dining room versus mail a letter).  Most of the goals were ones I've been putting off forever. You know the ones that keep showing up on your weekly to-do list but someone how always manage to not be the ones that would get crossed off. My thinking ... I needed to stop trying to cram as much into a week as I could and slowly spread it out. Plus, I figured if I had a timeline (one week) to get the dining room lights hung, I actually would. One week was totally doable. 

I gotta give some credit to Lou for starting me on this 52 Things kick. He sent me a link to this: because i said i would. because i said i would reaches a bit bigger than I do ... but the idea is the same - do whatever it is you said you would do.

So, this week's 52 Thing: donate to a project on kickstarter ... 

Totally doable.

... seriously though, check out the Honeybee Mobile Market. Love the idea! 

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