March 31, 2013

a collection of odds and ends, cont.

  • If this isn't awesome / freaky creepy ... well, then I don't know what is. I think someone needs to make a book outta it!

  • Okay, wait ... wait ... feral hogs! 85mph?! Rolled 10 times? Everything about this article scares me.

  • So nice. So sweet. This post makes me want to think back to all those "simple" moments and the people who made them so. I found this through an NPR article and I think they summed it up pretty well: There's a pretty good chance everyone could write an essay just like his, we just don't stop to think about it.

  • My dream. Though - maybe not with Lucas ;0)

  • I'm watching this right now and holy poop. Find me someone who doesn't like this show. Really, find me one.

and i leave you with ... a picture of my dinner last night ... a pork chop the size of my face, yes ... my face.

firemans dinner pork chop night

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