March 07, 2013

and now ...

I'm currently ....

feeling clumsy with a big 'ole band-aid over my right pointer finger. It's big. It's annoying. It's consistently reminding me I got far too excited opening that can of pumpkin puree to use with dinner tonight.

thinking about family and relationships and how utterly difficult they (as in both) are hard to maintain.

wishing for far too much


doing far too little


realizing (however slowly) my lack of action is a good thing.

eating the mess I cooked for dinner. Granted, it was a good tasting mess (anything with enough peanut butter and maple syrup can taste delicious). I'm thinking I need to start a "I-tried-to-make-this-but-it-turned-out-like-this" section on here ...

reading War and Peace ... and enjoying it. I'm working on my BBC Top 100 list. I'm on the final ten and trying to understand why everyone shutters when I say what I'm reading. Yes, it's big. Yes, I could seriously harm a small animal with it if the situation called. But it's good. The attention to each character and their quirks is endearing.

waiting for Lou to get done making me some air-popped popcorn. Fancy! We're moving up in the world here!

candyland bandaid
don't worry - it's a candyland band-aid

And a shout-out to Amy for her 'Currently' posts ...
copy is the highest form of flattery, right ;0)

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