March 07, 2013


So I've been exhausted lately. Yes, I do too much. Yes, I rarely have "down town". Yes, I don't remember the last weekend where I didn't have something planned. But that's me. I get it. I've come to get it. I like planning stuff. I like doing stuff. I like moving. I like thinking. I like being in motion - both physically and mentally. But this past week was a killer and I finally realized why.


Dang, sneaky, secrets. And as such, I have to be super vague here for a bit ...  In the past week I have had three separate groups of people tell me life-altering news. Like, their lives are 'a changing and they wanted me to know. The kicker here is only I can know. It was specifically stated that I was to not tell a soul. Oh but wait, it's a double-kicker ... not all these secrets are happy secrets. So here I am, minding my own business at work, and these bits 'o news start trickling in. 

And yes, yes ... a teeny secret isn't enough to drive a person mad ... but put three of those teeny secrets together and tell me I can't tell ... that did me in. 'Cause now I gotta sit here ... and think ... and (in some cases) worry ... but I can't do anything, can't tell anyone, can't help.

Is this one of those cases where "time heals all"?!

photo thanks to starflycreations

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