March 20, 2013

28 in 28: close the lid on this one ... literally

filing cabinet in a chest

Drumroll Friends ... .. . ... . . . .

It's done!

Welllllll, pretty darn close to done. MY part is done. Lou's ... that may always be a work in progress. There's some little odds and ends I'd like to do. Add a space to stash pens, sticky notes, envelops, extra tabs and all that good stuff. But the worst is over. The sorting has been done. Our crazy amount of categories have been determined (it did feel good to see all those "savings" and "retirement" folders in there). And Lou and I can finally merge our paper-mess together. We're gonna have our one family paper-mess!

I threw some more photos up on Go Mighty ... check 'em out!

One more off the list. Yup, I'll say it ... Hazzah to me. Hazzah.

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