March 20, 2013

minnesota tourist: mill city museum

Mill City Museum! A must-must-must for Minnesotans and not too shabby of a stop for out-of-towners either. Ma Plank and I ventured out of our couch-nest and put the Parks & Rec Netflix marathon on hold for a bit to do some city exploring. Just like the advertising says - it's the best-smelling museum ever created. Granted, we were there during a "bake-off" and managed to snag some freshly-cooked goodies to munch on.

Musts and Donts

Must ... take the elevator ride. i totally wish more museums did fun, interactive, theme-park like rides.
Must ... watch the Minneapolis in 19 Minutes video. makes me wanna work on my storytelling skills.
Must ... play in the water. done.
Must ... try out the Observation Deck. ask the attendant questions. i'm sure they are starved for human interaction and will
tell you a tale or two about "back in the day". plus, it's a pretty neat view.
Must ... visit the gift shop! want!
Don't ... do the two hour street parking in front of the museum. trust me, you'll need longer.
Don't ... wander into someone's wedding photos and awkwardly stand in the background until you realize what's going on.


something tells me ma would have won the design-a-cereal-box competition with her  'Yums' ...

well aren't we just the cutest ... !
704 South 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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