February 01, 2013

ten (or so) things in january

I love me a good 'ole list. In honor of January ... and kickin' off February ... here's ten five excellent things that happened last month:

1 - No More Gopher: I finally ... finally ... finished working at Gopher. I'm pretty darn happy they let me hang on for an extra month ... and get me some extra monies ... but yeah, it's good to be done.
oh gopher website ... you haunt my dreams ... 

2 - Cold! Holy Poopers ... it was cold out there!!  I do believe we had the coldest day that we've had in the past four years ... four years! And the best part, I have a ten minute walk to work each morning. That's fun ... ... 
a dude walking up the street laughed at my pose ... 

3 - Nesting: In honor of the crazy cold weather, I decided it best to create little nests on the couch as often as possible. One of my better nests was with Han (she's a pro). Eight (and then some) blankets, snacks, and Netflix. Note - watching episode after episode about couples that go on murdering sprees can get a wee bit creepy ... 
nest = success

4 - Willie Time: Lou decided to run away a couple times this month and when Lou's gone, Willie gets all antsy-pants. Solution - I better sleep in the guest room with Willice.
thank you amanda for one of the more amazing photos of willice

5 - Fishin': I finally did the whole Winter Minnesota thing and did some ice fishing. And it was awesome. If I get my shiz together I'll get even more photos up!
ice land village

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