January 27, 2013

a collection of odds and ends: pt 2

  • I told myself this post was for Crosstown Creativity and promoting our blog over there ... but I'm selfish and figure it's good for SP too. Thanks Ciera!

  • Oooo! A new blog to add to my morning reads. As she said - "i plan to keep posting, whenever the thoughts feel like tumbling." I need to take those words to heart!

  • My sister-in-law sent this over - The Strange World of Basque Sports. Remind me to tell you about my wedding ... and the Basque Festival ... and the fact that we're still talking about that weekend like it happened only yesterday.

  • " ... it's not about whether or not they think you should write, but about whether or not you think you should write ... " Are you getting a theme with what's been on my mind lately. Sarah, at It Starts With, was creepily reading my thoughts this week ... 

  • While on my computer today, this link popped up in my URL box ... 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag ... who the hell was searching that on my computer?!

willie made it one block in the snow ...

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