February 05, 2013

28 in 28: filing filing filing ... always always filing

Look! Look! I'm doing stuff! Step 1 - Get some ideas and make that shizzzzz happen! One of my '28 in 28' goals for this year is on its way to completion! Better give the obligatory shout out to Go Mighty for giving some much needed butt-kicking motivation. More to come as the filing-important-family-papers-without-trying-to-murder-lucas adventure continues! And because everyone needs a little Willice in their lives ... here's Wills helping me file ... thrilling, I know ...


  1. I'd like to know more about this Go Mighty thing... more specifically, will it help me??

    1. Jenn! We'll have to chat! Go play around with their website: www.gomighty.com ... it's for us crazy, list-obsessed folks :D