January 10, 2014

just be (or 10 ways to build a better body image)

i'm normally not one for the positive-you-can-do-it-if-you-just-believe messages that get slapped on pretty images and sent through the pinterest-universe. but, something about this image grabbed my attention. maybe it's the simple design, the calming colors or heck, the message but either way, i wanted to share. 

10 ways to build a better body image

10 ways to build a better body image from park nicollet

    be good to your body by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods and being physically active.
    focus on all the amazing things your body can do, not how it looks.
    recognize that people naturally come in different shapes and sizes - embrace what makes your unique.
    wear clothes that make you look and feel good - no matter what your size.
  • BE PROUD -
    make a list of your positive qualities that aren't related to your body or appearance.
  • BE SAVVY -
    read books and magazines with positive messages that make you feel good about  yourself.
    take time to pamper yourself. you deserve it!
  • BE KIND -
    avoid body-bashing. focus conversations on the positive traits of yourself and others.
    challenge negative thoughts about your body. try to be less judgmental and more positive.
    think about the people you admire. have they impacted you because of their looks or their accomplishments?

thanks to the park nicollet melrose center for the image ... and the be well magazine for popping in my mailbox yesterday. the melrose center is working on a 'be you' initiative to spread the power of positive body image with the hopes of preventing eating disorders through education, conversation and action.

cheers to that!

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