January 12, 2014

a collection of odds and ends - jan. 12

wait, what's that hiding under my couch?! is it a wee troll?! noooooooo, it's a willis! this is how lucas and i spent our weekend - playing with willie, cuddling with willie, feeding willie, laughing at willie. heck, all he has to do is stick is little tail out from under the couch and we drop everything to watch. dog.are.delightful. and after this video, you have no need to see anything else today BUT in case ... here's some linky-links!

i stumbled on this while digging around them internets for work. so simple and oh-so-easy
13 smart and fun ways to enjoy wildlife in 2014

pretty pictures. 100. weather. done
weather.com's top 100 photos of 2013

reason #256 why we all need many, many pets.
30 of the great animal photobombs of 2013

because, why the heck not?
adopt a bison

it's not often that lou and i are impressed with stories on firearms. this one was well done, focusing on the stories and letting the reader use those stories to create their own opinion. as heated as the gun debate can be, it's refreshing to see a piece open the door to conversation for both sides.
firearms in the family

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