November 11, 2013

thankful - something i was taught
(aka - pa's pearls of wisdom)

pa driving a boat

i often find myself repeating the words of my dad. i've hounded him that he should write a book. his letters are full of beautiful writing tailored perfectly to the recipient. i've watched him type on a keyboard, it's no small miracle how he can create these lovely stories and still manage to peck at the keys. good 'ole sausage fingers. it's impressive. he often throws out nuggets of wisdom that, depending on my mood, i gladly receive or else file away as wordy dad language and forget about. one nugget that stuck out and i repeat often is the simple phrase - keep going until you gotta make decision. when i've called him for job advice, i hear to just keep going until i have to commit.

i'm a stresser. i'm a worrier. i'm a worst-case-scenario kind of gal. so when a major life decision pops up before me ... when there's a hurdle i have to work my way around ... i think through every possible turn and twist. then i call my dad.

don't think until you have to make a decision. just keep moving forward until someone requires you to give a deciding vote. then think and stress and worry away.

i'm trying something new this month - i love me a good challenge - and joining Chasing Happy for The Thankful Project. while i can't promise a post-a-day, maybe i'll get close? today's prompt - something i was taught.

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