November 10, 2013

thankful - a memory (aka - the day my brother said no)

claire and roys christmas card
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i'm still trying to decide why this particular memory is one of my favorites. if anything, it should be one of my more despised moments - those "i-wish-you-never-happened" but, so it goes. i can't remember the exact day or even the exact year. i'm not sure what we were doing or why but i remember the precise moment my brother first said "no" to me. to those who are not an oldest sibling, these feelings may not resonate. to all my fellow first-borns, you'll understand. as the oldest (my brother is four years younger) we get a wee bit a head start on life. we've been down those roads we watch our younger siblings now travel. we've danced that dance. sung that song. and because of that ... we have, what some would say, a bit of an upper hand when it comes to our younger siblings.

i could make my brother do anything. truthfully, i could make most people do anything but i had a special way with roy. i was bigger. i was wiser. i knew best. and when i wanted something; he got it. minus the usual sibling tiffs, we had (and still have) a great relationship. there were elaborate and imaginative games almost every day. the couch cushions were never safe and rarely stayed on the couch. we were inside, we were outside, we were in forts, we were under chairs, we were flying, we were sailing, we were busy. oddly, those games were usually the brainchild of me but roy, being a dear, played along.

then one afternoon we were laying about the living room ... possibly watching tv ... possibly just laying there. i turned to my brother and lazily said, "roy, go get me a glass a water." with nary a word, he got up and walked to the kitchen. the cupboard opened and glasses clinked. the faucet turned on. water was running. i could hear water splashing the insides of the glass. then ... silence. i heard the glass clink down onto the counter and roy's footsteps grow louder. he walked back to the living room, looked straight in my eyes and said ... "no."

and that, that was the day i knew my rule as leader of the household was over. my dear younger brother had "manned up" and said no to his big, evil sister.

i'm sure at the time i was more than upset. i'm sure i stomped a bit and thrashed about and whined. now though, the story of roy and the NO has become a fond memory and oddly enough, one i tell often. i'm grateful for the story. i'm grateful for my baby brother and the wonderful relationship we have .. even if i've had to learn how to get my own water from the kitchen ...

i'm trying something new this month - i love me a good challenge - and joining Chasing Happy for The Thankful Project. while i can't promise a post-a-day, maybe i'll get close? today's prompt - a memory.

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