November 02, 2013

thankful - a role (aka ... the decider)

plains over nebraska along the oregon trail

how do you pick one role you've played to be thankful for? i suppose it is easy enough to take for granted all the possibilities and options we have open to us each day. each day i wake up as a wife. i sneak in the dark, digging out socks and hoping they match, creak open the dresser drawers and tip-toe around the bedroom so lou can keep on sleeping. i turn into the commuter on my 20-minute drive to work, zigzagging around traffic and watching my coffee doesn't splash over the passenger seat. i walk into the office and i'm the state employee, typing away on my computer and setting up meetings. after work, i'm back to the commuter before heading home to be a puppy-momma and wife. some nights, i might take the role of the friend. some nights, i might be the community activist. some night, the artist.

reading over what i just wrote, i guess i'm thankful for the role of the decider. i get to decide what "hat" i want to put on each day (to overuse an overused phrase). and not only decide which role i'm going to play that day, but how i'm going to play it. is it going to be a good day? or a so-so one? am i going to wake up with a wee bit of pep in my step or more of a slow drag through the day? i'll admit, i don't always choose the correct role. but those little mishaps make the good days that much better.
i'm trying something new this month - i love me a good challenge - and joining Chasing Happy for The Thankful Project. while i can't promise a post-a-day, maybe i'll get close? today's prompt - a role you've played.


  1. I love this post and role of the decider is always a great one :)! Also-- beautiful photo!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm also part of The Thankful Project this November and would love to read more of your work as the month progresses!

    You can check out my blog at if you'd like! Wishing you all the best!!