January 21, 2013

soundtrack: the boxer

Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer

One of many highlights from my ridiculous four months in Europe – A half hour train ride outside of Berlin is the town of Werder(Havel). Each Spring, the town hosts Baumblutenfest, a festival to celebrate the cherry blossom and the arrival of Spring. It. Was. Crazy. You roll outta the train with hordes of people and commence drinking, eating and general merry-making. Folks were selling plastic cups of homemade wine out of their garage for one euro. Bands were playing every other street corner. I bought a doughnut the size of my face. Towards mid-afternoon, we stopped at a stage to take a breather and finish our latest cup ‘o wine. The picnic tables were packed shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow drinkers and when this song came on … up went the cups and everyone began to sway. It was that moment where you think, this is so cool – it should be in a movie … and then you realize it’s your LIFE and it’s happening AT THAT MOMENT. Pretty fricken sweet.

Lunch ... 


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