January 20, 2013

a collection of odds and ends: pt 1

  • Nicole at Nicole is Better with her Cure for Comparing Yourself to Other People ... you gotta stop playing the comparison game - more often than not, you only know part of the story.
  • I'm a wee bit obsessed ... Apple Cider ChapStick ... super clearance at Target ... three for $1.48.  I bought five packs ...
  • Look! Look! Our new arts group is slowly gaining some traction! We may not have a website or Facebook, but we're on our way with a Meetup group. Anyone familiar with Meetup?!
  • The West Wing on Netflix. All seven seasons ... I love me some series ... and considering I tend to lean "crazy conservative", that's saying something ...
  • My new obsession (which is slowly turning into my new time waster on the web). A place to share goals and resolutions ... chat with others who obsess over lists ... and *possibly* get a sponsor ... wha?!?! Sign me up! 

and i leave you with a pomegranate the size of willie nelson's head

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