November 02, 2012

ten things in october

1 - Bismarck Trip to Visit the in-laws
I finally met Bridget ... and she's great! The weekend was filled with food and guns and stories and snow and friends and family. Yup, it was worth the six hours up and six hours back. Best part of the trip ... realizing Jolene and Dustin live in the same building!
Yes, we're all that cute.

2 - Ma and Pa Come to Town
Ma and Pa visits are the best! I can forget about Willie for two whole weeks (though, I think he loves Mom more than me ... ). Mom makes me lunches each morning and the dishes are done when I get home. Plus, Dad always makes sure there's beer in the fridge ;0) Highlight of their trip - Bye Bye Birdie with Mom ... we laughed so hard we cried!
And this is why my parent's can stay with us anytime!
Bye Bye Birdie Night with my little Mama!

3 - Rogue Arts Group
Well friends, the shizz hit the fan! The city of Richfield took away our social media privileges (only city employees can post to Facebook/Twitter). What is a group with a $0 budget and only nine volunteers to do to reach the masses?! I may have casually mentioned it ot the co-presidents that we should start our OWN groups ... and well, that's just what we're doing!

4 - Lou's Lack of Gallbladder
$4,500 dollars later, Lucas is gallbladder free! No more middle-of-the-night-pains! Granted, the boy has to stay away from fatty foods for a couple weeks/months ... I'll believe that when I see it! It always amazes me that you can remove a body part and your body just knows how to work around it. We're pretty much amazing.
This was my house for a week ... poor little boys!

5 - Willie's Nail
Of course, Willie had to race out of the house at warp-wiener-dog-speed to go back at a dude walking by the house ... and of course, in the process, he manages to smash his little paw on the door jam ... and of course, rips his nail ... requiring a vet visit, $200 dollars, two weeks worth of pills. So I had a husband down and out nursing his surgery and a dog down and out nursing his paw. Great.

Best part - it's pink ... !

6 - The Hou
Oh, what's that? You've decided to get a second job? Huh. That's interesting ... and stupid ... but that's just what I did. Right when the dog hurts himself, the husband gets body parts ripped out, the arts commission branches off, and I keep on job hunting ... I decide I don't have enough on my plate and get a second job. Doing ... wait for it ... nothing! Not a dang thing. I stand there. I smile. I wander around and I go home. We'll see how long I last ...

7 - Resume / Job Hunting
I get now why folks say job hunting is like a full-time job. I'm pooped! I was told 80% of the job search should be networking ... which requires one to set aside time to meet with folks, send emails, and make phone calls. I'm still trying to find time to talk to my husband about how his day was!! I hope November can bring along some good job-karma. I've been working on a "game plan" of who to talk with, where to go, what to say ... we'll start in November ... right?! Right?!

8 - Friends and Family are Great
When we started talking about Lucas having surgery, I knew I would need to take some time off work and keep the boy company. I'm a tightwad with my PTO ... so we were figuring out how to pull this off with as little time off work as possible. In comes Lou's Mom ... who spent Monday at the hospital and even made Tater Tot Hotdish that night! Then, in comes Jared ... who had work off Tuesday and spent the day watching movies with Lucas on the couch. He even stopped by on Wednesday for a while. Then along comes Lou's sister Amanda. She stayed with us for a couple nights and was great company for Lou. Friends and family in to save the day. I gotta keep them on my I.O.U. list!!

9 - September "Progress" Out the Window
I think it's safe to say, October was crazy. All of a sudden it's mid-October and my Ma's in town ... then it's the end of the month and here we are. I got myself a new planner/journal to try out ... progress - you and I shall me again ... someday ...

10 - Exhausted!
Well, if the previous nine entries don't get this point across ... then I don't know what to say!

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