December 01, 2013

29 in 29

we all love our lists. there's the new years resolutions. the monthly goals. weekly challenges. daily tasks. last year i attempted my first 28 in 28 (28 things to accomplish while 28).  with my birth-month passing and the clock ticking down to the final weeks in my 20s ... it feels fitting to try another 29 in 29. it's a tricky line in finding 29 things to accomplish in twelve measly months. alas, work won't let me take four months off for traveling adventures. so there's finding the balance ... things i want to do, things i gotta do, things i should do, and things i could do. 

so, in honor of the scary, ripe 'ole age of 29 ... here's my 29 in 29 ...

29 in 29
  1. eat all the goldfish in the land
  2. sit in the deer stand and attempt to hunt
  3. push the artful nook towards non-profit status
  4. keep a gratitude journal
  5. open the whimsy pea
  6. get the mobile nook rolling
  7. hike up cloud peak
  8. eat summer veggies with a csa
  9. finish up the ot notebook
  10. finalllllly finish the bbc's top 100 book list
  11. make my manifesto
  12. hide a geocache in minnesota
  13. walk around devil's tower with lou
  14. run away with molly on a creative weekend
  15. spent clay project
  16. beat lou in trap
  17. ice block down a hill
  18. have a cross-country skiing adventure
  19. blow-dry bar
  20. spent some time with doris day and the tv
  21. run a 10k
  22. smutty book coffee table number two
  23. back that ass up with a trailor
  24. renew my carry permit
  25. visit a cidery
  26. pay off dan to keep quiet
  27. visit hershey, pennsylvania
  28. hang that dang ikea light
  29. purchase a real piece of art
and just 'cause:
  • go on an alaskan cruise
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • visit all 50 states
  • travel with laura ingalls wilder

1 comment:

  1. i'm impressed with your goal to finish the bbc's top 100 list -- how far are you? how long has this been a goal? i have a friend who is trying to read every pulitzer.. similarly ambitious. i've never been to a blowdry bar but i've always wanted to try it out.. blog about it?