August 16, 2013

in which i do something ... a little bit creepy

amanda and claire in the freecandyvan

and it was creepy ... super creepy.

amanda claire and hannah in the freecandyvan
amanda and claire with beer chips
amanda taking pictures of sunflowers on top of the van
selfie in the canoe on the rum river at mille lacs kathio state park
the suns reflection on the rum river at mille lacs kathio state park
amanda and claire at the minnesota dnr deer day
three days
one van
five bags of candy
one-half working cell phone
nine geocaches
four state parks
seven relatives
one last minute (stolen) campsite
two delicious breakfasts
seven gun shots
one fingee in the door
zero bowls of booya
three ice-creamless hours
countless memories

i do believe our #freecandyvan adventure was a smashing success

so where'd we go:


  1. love this -- so much happiness and whimsy :)

    take me with next time!!!

    1. Road trips in the van are the best! And yes, you're welcome anytime :D