August 23, 2013

in which i do something ... like a whole lotta nothing

the gahler family at smashburger in eden prairie

and yet, it was a delightfully hectic weekend!

my three favorite boys watching the river rats water ski team practice

a turkey and swiss sandwich from breadboard in buffalo wyoming

jenn at the st louis park hospital after trying the six foot jump out

claire and roy before venturing into menards for a dad-run

roy slaved away in the kitchen making delicious homegrown salsa

for being a rare we-have-no-plans weekend, we still managed to fill our precious two days. roy appeared on friday, with a bag stuffed full of delicious breadboard. 880 miles for fresh(ish) sandwich delivery is my kind of service. saturday was errands - menards for the pa, target, groceries, and four liquor stores ... that was for us. saturday night we grilled on the back patio and sunday we hopped over to minneapolis (with tony!!) for jenn's waterski practice ... and subsequent wipe-out off the ramp that landed me as er driver and "sitter" for four hours. dinner with the in-laws at smashburger that night followed by a wee bit 'o tv. i'm gonna call that a success "do-nothing" weekend!

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  1. agreed it was a successful "do-nothing" weekend, but what in the world is a breadboard??