July 24, 2013

two poopin' years!

holy poopers .. you know what? lou and i have been married two years. some days i forget we're married. i'll walk into a room, see him sitting there, and wonder when he showed up. like he forgot to call and tell me he was coming over. then there's the days when we're sitting on the couch or walking willis and i'll look over and wonder what was pre-lou life like ...and how i managed to ever take the garbage out on my own. marriage is a funny thing. it's a lot of give and take. a lot of smiling. nodding. crying. cringing. laughing. hoping. yelling. waiting. wanting. dreaming. i get the cliches now. i get the old words of wisdom. so is here where i say to many more somewhat delightful but really just damn tough years? yeah ... i'll drink to that.

love you my lou lou!

claire and lucas wedding black and white

wedding kiss

ps - photos are from our wonderful photographer, alissa ferullo and my amazing sister-in-law, amanda gahler.

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  1. This just made my morning- most beautiful wedding and happy story :)