July 18, 2013

rain clouds vs. roses

alright ... i'm just gonna throw this out there. it's been a pretty weird week for me. pretty weird as in pretty awesome. my little cloud-filled mind is not sure what to do about this. it's been one of those weeks where every day (read that - every day) i've caught myself joyfully ... burstingly ... happy. enough to force me to a standstill mid-walk. enough to get me to do the shady-eye snake stare waiting for the ha-ha moment and the clouds to open up with a booming "suckaaaaa". what the hell is going on? i can't decide if i should be more concerned with the abnormal amount of wonderful in my life right now or the fact that one wonderful week gets me all hot and bothered.

so i'll leave you with this thought by dear 'ole ethel ... and hope i didn't just jix the shizz outta my week.

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