February 20, 2013

28 in 28: put up lights in the dining room

EVERYONE! Wait for it ... waitttttttttttt for it ... my first 28 in 28 item is DONE! And, well, I had nothing to do with it. It started as a dream over two years ago and after years of dangling, hanging bulbs we finally got real lights up. You know, like a real house with real people.

old icky lights in the dining room
and this is what i looked at for two years ... 
I don't even remember what the lights looked like when we first bought the house. All I know is they were the first to go when we moved in. Lou and I had grand ideas of what we would do ... and they stayed ideas. Ma would come into town and we'd hunt and hunt for lights ... and hunt and shop and search and ... nothing. Finally ... Ma found some lovely lights at Ikea for a pretty penny (ohhhhh, $5) and there they sat for almost a year. Until, I got my shizz together and did some foot-stomping and had Lou hang the lights. But alas, all was not well ... they were, what one would call, cockeyed. So there they hung until we could get Pa up here to work his magic and this ... and this my friends, is the final result!

light in the dining room

more lights in the dining room
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First 28 in 28 ... done and done!!

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