October 17, 2012

It's a Book!

(Trylle Trilogy Book 1)

Amanda Hocking

So, in my morning internet digging around I stumbled on a story about author Amanda Hocking. An e-book author from Minnesota that made over 2 million dollars from sales of her book? Wha? Of course, she has to be only 4 months older than me … makes me wonder what have I done in my life lately?! Oh wait ... I got a book ... maybe ... kind of ...

Anywhooooo, her blog got me intrigued. Yup, I fully believe in “following the crowd” when the situation calls - so I put her book, Switched, on hold at the library. I picked it up on Monday and you know what … it’s pretty darn good. Alright, the writing isn’t anything to gush about but I’m a sucker for those we-love-each-other-but-can’t-be-together-stories. Then you throw in trolls and mind-persuasion and villains and fighting and romance and yeah … I finished it last night and just reserved the next two in the series (it’s part of a series … I love me my series books).

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